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12-Point Twist-Lok Access Cover

Our patented Twist-Lok Access Covers have set the standard in quality and water-tight dependability. With a simple Twist, you can be sure that your sumps will be water-tight every time.

Twist-Lok Access Covers are available on all PCI tank sumps, below-grade transition sumps, and are also available for retrofit onto any existing poly or fiberglass sump.

Features and Benefits

Easy Access Access to the equipment is as simple as a 12 degree twist. Competing covers require removing as many as 12 wingnuts to access the sump. Many times these wingnuts are never reinstalled which ultimately leads to product failure.

More Points of Contact With 300% more points of contact than previous models, there are fewer places for water to penetrate.

Contoured Sealing Gasket Made of high quality rubber, our contoured seal gasket contours to the mating protrusion to provide maximum contacting surface.

Large Access Opening With a 20% larger opening than previous models, this cover provides easier access while fitting within standard 38" manhole openings.

4" Inspection Port Optional inspection port allows quick inspection without removing the entire access cover. Model #IP4000-1

Rigid Construction Manufactured with UL listed Isophthalic materials to provide a rigid construction that will not deform due to backfill pressure.

Injection Molded Provides a smooth gelcoated finish on both surfaces to prevent personnel from getting cuts and scratches while handing the access cover.


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