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Twist-Lok Lid
Retrofit Kits

Our patented Twist-Lok Access Covers have set the standard in quality and water-tight dependability. With a simple Twist, you can be sure that your sumps will be water-tight every time.

Eliminate the aggravation of leaking tank sump covers by upgrading to Petroleum Containment’s 12-point Twist-Lok Conversion Kit. Installation is simple and can be done in no time, without breaking concrete.

Features and Benefits

Opens and Closes With a Simple Twist.

No Hardware to Lose

Hard Stop Indicates Water-tight Seal.

Installs on Polyethylene or Fiberglass Tank Sumps

Installs Through a 38" Manhole Cover Without Breaking Concrete

Rigid Fiberglass Construction Will Not Deform or Deteriorate Over Time

Optional Observation Port (IP4000-1) Allows Quick & Easy Inspection Without Removing Entire Cover.


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