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RSC Dispenser Sumps

The RSC series dispenser sump offers PCI quality fiberglass in a cost effective design. Our reduced galvanized steel frame offers excellent corrosion resistances. We also offer an affordable upgrade to stainless steel where corrosion is a major concern. The RSC features a 6” field adjustable chimney and a composite rainlip. The wide body design allows up to 4 Pass-Thru plumbing configurations and conduitless entry at both ends.

Pre-Plumb Services Available.

Features and Benefits

100% Fiberglass Construction Non-corrosive material to provide long-term dependable containment from fuel exposure without voiding warranty, warping, cracking or becoming brittle.

Double Conduitless Entry Conduit mounting channel is engineered directly into both ends of the steel frame to allow electrical conduit entry in the bottom of the dispenser without penetration of the sump wall.

Adjustable Field Height Designed and engineered to allow up to 6" of field adjustment, helping ensure proper slope once penetration fittings have been installed off location.

Reduced Steel Frame Heavy gauge steel frame offers a smaller and easier foot print to work with in the field. Significantly reduces overall weight. Offered in galvanized or stainless steel.

1" Composite Rainlip Offers better protection against rust and corrosion than metallic rainlips.

No Field Bonding Heavy gauge steel frame comes factory mounted to dispenser sump. No field frame to sump body attachment required.

“Brite-White” Interior Our signature “Brite-White” interior reflects light better, offering excellent visibility for future testing, product service, inspection and repairs.

Gel-Coat Surface Barrier Offers a resin-rich surface that acts as your first protective barrier against any contained material. Prevents “Wicking” and offers a smooth flat bonding surface for a superior seal for all types of entry fittings.

Wide Body Design Allows ample space for up to 4 Pass-Thru plumbing configurations in a single sump while our tapered top is designed to fit inside the most narrow island forms.

Single Piece Construction Eliminates in-field bonding which reduces the potential for leaks.
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