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MVR Dispenser Sumps

The MVR Series of Dispenser Sumps are 100% fiberglass constructed bodies with a heavy gauge steel frame. The MVR fits a wide range of dispenser pump models. It offers rigid long-term dependability and a wide opening for easy plumbing and future serviceability.

Pre-Plumb Services Available.

Features and Benefits

100% Fiberglass Construction Non-corrosive material to provide long-term dependable containment from fuel exposure without voiding warranty, warping, cracking or becoming brittle.

Heavy Gauge Steel Frame Offers a sturdy and easy design to lock into concrete foundations. Engineered to provide long-term strength and rigidity. Offered in powder coated or stainless steel.

“Brite-White” Interior Our signature “Brite-White” interior reflects light better, offering excellent visibility for future testing, product service, inspection and repairs.

Gel-Coat Surface Barrier Offers a resin-rich surface that acts as your first protective barrier against any contained material. Prevents “Wicking” and offers a smooth flat bonding surface for a superior seal for all types of entry fittings.

Wide Body Design Allows ample space for up to four products in a single sump and our tapered top is designed to fit inside the most narrow island forms.

Single Piece Construction Eliminates in-field bonding which reduces the potential for leaks.

Largest Selection Our most popular and longest-standing dispenser sump in the industry. Available in 32 Standard Stocking Models.

Individual Stabilizer Bars with 3-Axis Adjustment Accommodates multi-product dispensers without displacing the product lines. Ensures proper load transfer in the case of an impact from any direction.

1" Rainlip* Protrudes into the bottom of the dispenser to prevent surface water from rain and wash downs from entering the sump.

*Rainlip is not available on all models.

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