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Dispenser Sumps

The EZ-Plumb Dispenser Sumps are the most accommodating dispenser sumps, providing maximum access for installing plumbing and electrical connections while working in shallow burial and irregular island foundations.

Pre-Plumb Services Availalble.


Features and Benefits

Two-Part Design with Epoxy Bonding Trough Makes installations simpler than ever. Installers have plenty of room to install the equipment in the base before the upper section is attached. Then, one simple epoxy pour guarantees a water-tight bond.

Chemically Bonded The most dependable bond ensures a watertight assembly making the two piece design work as well as a single piece design

UL Listed Isophthalic Fiberglass Materials Provide a rigid construction that prevents deforming due to backfill. Fiberglass can be easily repaired in the field by qualified
technicians if drilled incorrectly or damaged by construction equipment.

Smooth White Interior Makes the working area brighter and reduces cuts and
scratches while working inside the sump.

Heavy Gauge Steel Frames Provide strength and rigidity. Designed to lock into the concrete foundation.

Individual Stabilizer Bars with 3-Axis Adjustment Accommodates multi-product dispensers without displacing the product lines. Ensures proper load transfer in the case of an impact from any direction.

Optional Rainlip Protrudes into the bottom of the dispenser to prevent surface water from rain and washdowns from entering the sump.
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