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CLE / CLS Conduitless
Entry Dispenser Sumps

The CLE & CLS Series Dispenser Sumps offer quality and dependability in a 100% fiberglass constructed body and a heavy gauge steel frame. Our Single Conduitless Sump eliminates unnecessary penetrations by allowing electrical conduits to enter into the dispenser at one end, without penetrating the dispenser sump wall.

Pre-Plumb Services Available.

Features and Benefits

Single Conduitless Entry Conduit is allowed to enter into the bottom of the dispenser without penetrating the sump walls. Less entries require less penetration fittings and provide less risk for water intrusion.

Single Piece Construction Eliminates the troublesome seams that two part sumps have, resulting in less places for water to penetrate.

100% Fiberglass Construction Provides a rigid construction that prevents deforming due to backfill. Fiberglass can be easily repaired in the field by qualified technicians if drilled incorrectly.

Smooth White Interior Reflects light better, offering excellent visibility for future testing, product service, inspection and repairs. Prevents “Wicking” and offers a smooth flat bonding surface for a superior seal for all types of fittings.

Heavy Gauge Steel Frames Provide strength and rigidity. Designed to lock into the concrete foundation.

Individual Stabilizer Bars with 3-Axis Adjustment Accommodates multi-product dispensers without displacing the product lines. Ensures proper load transfer in the case of an impact from any direction.

1" Rainlip Protrudes into the bottom of the dispenser to prevent surface water from rain and washdowns from entering the sump.
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