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4800 Tank Sumps

Petroleum Containment’s 48” UST Piping Sumps are some of the largest piping sumps in the industry. Designed to accommodate dual STP systems for all types of installations including collar mount, bung mount, and manways. A patented “Twist-Lok” Access Cover provides quick and easy access while ensuring a watertight seal every time.

Features and Benefits

100% Fiberglass Construction Non-corrosive material to provide long-term reliable containment from fuel exposure without voiding warranty, warping, cracking or becoming brittle.

Large Rigid Base Different bases are available including collar mount, solid bottom and a universal bottom which works for all three types of installations such as 42" and 48" collar mounts, bung mount and manways.

Signature “Brite-White” Interior Reflects light better, offering excellent visibility for future testing, product service, inspection and repairs.

Gel-Coat Surface Barrier Offers a resin-rich surface that acts as your first protective barrier against any contained material. Prevents “Wicking” and offers a smooth flat bonding surface for a superior seal for all types of entry fittings.

Adjustable Height Two different styles are available depending on burial depth. Low Burial sumps work for installations requiring a height from 32" - 52" and Deep Burial sumps work for 32" - 72". Both styles are easily adjusted in the field using and epoxy pour to guarantee a water-tight bond.

Factory Prepped All PCI tank sumps can be prepared at the factory to save installers time and money.

Water-Tight Access Cover Patented 12-Point Twist-Lok Access Cover offers the most dependable water-tight protection. Economical 8-Lug Bolt-Down access covers are also available.

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