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4200 Tank Sumps

The 4200 Series is a cost effective fiberglass alternative to polyethylene tank sumps. Fiberglass construction guarantees long-term reliability without deforming or cracking. Available with Bolt-down or Twist-Lok Access Covers.

Features and Benefits

100% Fiberglass Construction Presence of liquid fuel will not void manufacturer’s warranty regardless of length of exposure. Most poly sump manufacturers require fuel to be removed within 24 hours or warranty is voided.

Isophthalic Fiberglass Split Component Design Allows easy accessibility to reduce installation time and provides a higher installation quality than one piece poly sump designs with confined installation space.

Nestable Significantly reduces shipping costs by fitting more sumps on less pallets.

White Gelcoated Interior Reflects light for better visibility and makes identifying leak points easier.

Thick Fiberglass Base Thick Fiberglass Base Will not deform and provides better protection against cracks in the bottom of the sump due to insufficient back-fill.

Repairable Fiberglass is easily repaired if drilled improperly. Poly sumps can not be fixed.

Octagon Base Provides Flat Sealing Surfaces for 45 degree and 90 degree penetrations.

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